Monday, March 19, 2012

Braking for Yard Sales...and Puppies.

Check off one entire weekend spent sitting outside in the 80-degree March (?!?) sun. Global warming is surely going to kill all of us.  But if I'm going to die a bizarre death, let's be realistic, it's going to be from a stack of magazines burying me alive.

Which is just about how I found this great feature on Good Morning Ameria's host Lara Spencer's upcoming book, I Brake for Yard Sales. Being a devotee of Matt Lauer (Ann, when you stop pretending this new gig is working for you, I will reinstate my fan-ship), I never watch GMA and would have completely missed this. Instead, I've already pre-ordered my copy. Read the full article for Lara's practical tips on market finds.
Lara is my new flea market idol. I had two red ikea side tables in my first apartment that I thought were the most to die for coffee table in the world at the ripe age of 23 years old. Bar officially raised.

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

I love how Lara's use of symmetry in everything balances out the bright colors and fabrics.

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

Lucite chair = To die for flea market find

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

I am incapable of finding the exact perfect headboard from the 1 zillion options available online. Perhaps this calls for making my own. Inspired by the lines and trim on Lara's.
Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

All Image Source: (Photo Credit: Michael McNamara) via Abby on Pinterest


  1. I. Want. That. Green. Dresser.

    Note to self: Must go to more yard sales.

  2. If global warming is happening. At least allow me to dress in style.

    -Zane of ontario honey