Monday, January 9, 2012

Stuff on the Street: Silver Coffee Table

Who knew one of the best perks about living in the city would be all the great stuff that people leave on the street. Don't want your books? Put em' out on the steps. Done with your Wassily armchair? On the curb it goes. I'm not even kidding, my curb is apparently the local goodwill. I've taken to snapping photos on my iphone of all the great finds that I open my door to on the way to work, since those that love me most know my side table count is already a bit ridiculous. In this latest edition is this little silver-swoopy coffe table that would be seriously cool with a little tlc.

A quick polish to get the rust off, or even a shot of spray paint (I'm dying to see it in any shade of bronzy-copper) and it would look like an expensive find. And right...what to do about a top? Glass is an obvious choice and would be a snap to find. I also think a cut of stone like marble would be fantastic, a la this DWR little number. But really, any kind of unexpected material would look great and could be sourced cheaply.

Source: via Abby on Pinterest

There was also a dining room table counter part that was just a bit to late 90's for my taste, but was in even better condition and just every bit as free. 

Happy Trail...see you on the street.


  1. love this coffee table, silver is my favourite color:)

  2. That is a very modern table. Furniture nowadays are really evolving. I just purchased a beautiful ergonomic office chair, it's not cheap but what I like about it is that it's still stylish and modern yet it's ergonomic.