Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sir Reads-A-Lot

I spotted this over on the Sweet Paul blog today and I'm dying for this tote that combines my loves of thick books and 90's rap songs I played on repeat in 8th grade.

I've been a reader since I was a kid (thanks Mom and Dad), but now that my life runs 100 mph, escaping into a book is a luxury. And I need this to tote around all my real books as I try to hold out on the digital world of reading as long as possible. True confession: I'm reading my first book on my iPad and despite the convenience, I feel like I'm cheating on all my paperbacks with each finger swipe of the screen. I can't even look at my bookshelves right now.

If you at all love quirky tote bags, get yourself on over to Pamela Fugate Designs on Etsy, because she has some GEMS in there! Or try your luck and win this one in a giveaway today on Sweet Paul.


  1. You are welcome, daughter.

  2. Only problem I have with big books is they are hard to finish. Big books though make me feel smart when people see me reading them.