Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New e-glossy from across the pond: Reverie Magazine

Joining the ranks of our beloved e-reads is a new kid on the block based in London with drool worthy shots of weddings(definitely heavy on the weddings), general lifestyle  and crazy-amazing page layouts. I wanted to jump through my iPad screen into every single one of the wedding shots. English countrysides, Napa vineyards, and oodles of vintage inspired shots. Even if you're not on the bridal super-highway, the tabletop inspiration in here is enough reason to read.

Oye, great layouts make my heart beat faster.
 The sourcing is mostly UK based, but filled with good inspiration.
 Wouldn't be a British affair without a full spread feature on propper toppers.
 Heres' me crawling in through the page because I'm stealing this mirrored tray inspiration and throwing a yellow and watermelon hued bash.
Just a few of their wedding shots straight from the Pinterst Page:


  1. Are lace masks the newest thing in wedding finery?? Here's the crazy thing: I don't actually hate it...Maybe we just need more occasions in life to wear masks.

  2. I love the card that says I love you. Very sweet.

    -Zane of ontario honey