Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello, a hint of Searsucker

Why hello, Sailor. I'm working from San Diego this week while soaking up some sunshine and nautical goodness. 

Last night I had dinner at Searsucker. They have bacon wrapped bacon on the menu, burlap table accents and beautiful cut glass water cups on the table. Sold. If you go make sure to try the Honeybadger cocktail (rye whiskey. honey, lemon) and cozy up on the laid back sofas.

Source: via Abby on Pinterest
Source: via Abby on Pinterest
Source: via Abby on Pinterest

I'd recreate the Searsucker vibe at home with the impossibly cool EmersonMade's EAT linenes, and all the Honeybadger impressions my friends could stand.


  1. Things I Want:
    - That door
    - Eating dinners that have been made for me by a professional chef on couches.
    - Honeybadger cocktail
    - Abby's honeybadger impression

    Really, if I got that last, the first three would just be icing. Time to share with the group Abby...1st video blog perhaps?

  2. I love the sailor hook and the green door.

    -Zane of ontario honey