Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes: Red Carpet Tabletops

"It's not that cold, It's not that cold, It's not that cold": That's what I'm telling myself this morning on my first day back on the east coast after a globe-trot through southern California last week.  Last night I arrived back just in time to restart the red carpet entrances on my DVR and catch up to the running text updates I'd been getting about all the belts and deep-V's. My favorite were the nudes and silvers. Something about the subtle backdrop that made these ladies own it down that red carpet. So I translated this to the red carpet of my life and came up with these tabletop inspirations straight from Hollywood.

 Kristin Wiig got ROBBED for Best Actress in a Comedy! I can't even get anyone to go see My Week with Marilyn with me. I feel partly responsible as my only star sighting in LA was Michelle Williams while I was stalking around the bungalows at the Beverly Hills Hotel yesterday. I'm sorry Kristin.

Tabletop: Nudes and blushes with subtle gold accents and big blooms

I loved Shailene Woodley in The Descendants, but her category was tough. She'd gonna sweep it up on the red carpet this season though.

Tabletop: Geometric lines with silver hues and red place cards would tie this up like a bow

Diane Lane always looks fierce and I thought she owned it last night and made every 20 year old starlet regret that barely-there strapless. 

Tabletop: Regal nude tones with touches of gilt and tapers

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  1. I gotta watch the golden globe awards this year. I love to see all the dresses.

    -Zane of ontario honey