Friday, January 27, 2012

Glossy Shops: My trip to Mecca (otherwise known as HD Buttercup)

Not being from the west coast, H.D. Buttercup holds an attraction to me on the level of Disneyland. Except instead of overpriced amusement rides, it's sofas with too many zeros on their price tag. The amount of squeals and hand-clapping is exactly the same, though.  When I was in LA earlier this month, I FINALLY got my pilgrimage there.  And it did not disappoint: amazing upholstery mixed with interesting salvaged finds. In fact, if our Barn Sales had high-ended upholstered furniture (and heat, as I discovered on my trip there last weekend), I could probably get my fix on the east coast. Here were some of my favorite from my trip:

I looked up 'Manutailer' and it seems to mean: HD Buttercup invented word to make you want to buy things.

I'm putting all my carpets on tabletops now. Such a great mix.

Hi. Please come home and light up my entire life. You are amazing. 

 This sofa was my absolute favorite. The back was angled just enough that it was impossibly comfortable! Plus, that ginger jar needs to be in my life, yesterday.

Shoved all the way back in the corner was this lovely little table that looked lonely. 

I did something similar to this in my very first apartment and loved it. Two small stools are way better than 1 big coffee table in a small space. 

I love the chain linked, hammered gold look of this lamp. 

I have heels in this exact pattern. I think they need a chair-cousin. 

Books to hide your trashy celebrity gossip magazines in. 

I will never tire of these:

The storage space in here was increadible. And the white wash/"Mach Bolts" is gender neutral.

This felt like an amazing English jacket wrapped around you.

Stripes + Canvas + Trunks = storage trifecta

 This picture doesn't do right by the scale of this chair: which is big enough for 2 people. Or 1 person and 2 dogs in my case.

Here's my LA partner in crime, Ann, just after we talked about how many nights we could pass on this gigantic sofa watching movies. She was also my lunch date, here, where we devoured the most amazing burgers while a whole table of women drooled as they ordered their salads without dressing, cheese, or taste of any kind. Ah, LA.
 Sold. Enough said.


  1. This looks like a dream trip for sure! That English jacket chair needs to relocate to Nashville. :) Excellent post!

  2. I am overwhelmed just by this post - I can't imagine what the actual store must be like! p.s. Please find a way to buy that couch. I need to spend part of my future there. Debt isn't really that big of a deal, right? ...

  3. The glass chair really intrigued me. That would be something to put in your living room and get people saying wow. That is nice.

    -Zane of ontario honey