Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Glossy Favs: Foryoo Etsy Shop

Everyone wants to put down roots. And mine are firmly rooted in these a.m.a.zing address stamps. Etsy shop Foryoo has the most incredible designs that will make you want to send all of your correspondence by snail mail.  Available in self-inking or old-schooled wood handles and sooo affordable at about $30 each. Even renters (or squaters) like me, can have their own little slice of heaven.

All photos via: Foryoo

Monday, May 7, 2012

Room of the Week

I know it's only Monday, but I don't think this room can be outdone.
 Making even renting (where the bathrooms are always cramped and horrendous) enviable.

Lonny Magazine March/April 2012 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Anna Burke

Friday, May 4, 2012

What I'm Loving: Toile + Ikat

This week I stopped by The Madison Hotel in DC to see the anxiously awaited return of a great space to DC. The renovations are CRAZY CHIC. And I fell hard in love with this mix of Toile and Ikat in the lobby bar. Prints on Prints, people. It's the new 2012.

Toile Plus Ikat

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soda vs. Pop: The Final Frontier

In life there are great moral divides. Mine is Soda Vs. Pop. 

Midwestern roots and a East Cost life can't see eye to eye. Cue, cheeky Jonathan Adler gifts to the rescue. I picked up these adorable tumblers in NYC last week, while I was helping a friend with her final wedding fitting. Peaceful coexistence and a fizzy drink live happily ever after.

Bonus points for a coordinating drinking straw. I love this great selection on Etsy from HeYoYo

Friday, April 6, 2012

Before and After: What a Differance a Desk Makes

I blame global warming for the plague of ruts I've seen everyone in this winter/spring/summer-in-spring season. Maybe we didn't get proper hibernation time this year, but I have certainly come down with a case of the blahs. I plan to take mine on head first this weekend with a change of scenery- sitting next to the ocean, drinking mimosas.

A few weeks ago I helped a friend who was having apartment-blahs. We weren't going for drastic change, just enough to feel different. And our goal was under $40 and start-to-finish done in one evening.

Here's the Everyday-Girl-Awesomeness Transformation

How we did it:
  • The #1 difference was made by hanging simple sheer curtains (all materials from Target). 
  • Cleared off all the things that naturally pile up on desks.
  • Important papers went into a vertical file box (also from Target) 
  • Current books in rotation stayed on the desk, all other books got stacked on the floor underneath a table next to the desk in neat piles. It's a studio-we had to get creative 
  • Added: My favorite Calendar from Etsy and a framed personal memento, a glass jar to hold odds and ends and a bunch of sunflowers as a treat.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Tabletop: Flowers + Tins

Step 1: Collect cute tins (or spray paint un-cute cans)
Step 2: Buy flowers. Bonus points for not arranging them
Step 3: Drop flower bunches into tins. Add water.
Result: The most stylish centerpieces on the block. 

Take that Easter Bunny. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have your cake (plates)...

I was so excited to see Bountiful (their website does them NO justice), a little shop in Venice that I visited last spring, featured in the shopping round up on Glitter Guide today. I long heard the myth of the stacked up cake plates from my west coast friends, and it was tip-top of my shopping itinerary when I got there. It did not disappoint.

My snaphot of the cakeplate from a visit last spring :: And the amazingness as featured on GG this morning


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Tabletop: One Table, Two Ways

Bobbi Brown recently hosted a super cool event to launch their Long-Wear Eye Collection to the press, and put their money where their mouth was by having guest live a day in the product. First up, coffee and makeovers, yoga (check out the yoga mat I'm not coveting), and a product run through, and then cap it all off with lunch. Simple tables, super stylish swag and a makeover. These ladies had it rough.

 (Table #1)

I want this yoga mat like nobody's business...

 Did you read this article?: The Mogul Next Door 
(super interesting and pretty honest look into her work life)
...and she gives casual presentations while sitting on tables.

The simple tables are basically the same with just a few stylish differences:
One table, Two Ways

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Life in Instagrams: March

 Cherry Blossoms in DC and My favorite calendar
 #1 Reason I love my 'hood and Mani & Mimosas Brunch
Workin' It at a recent event and Margaritas

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stylish (Black Thumb) Gardening

I have a notorious black thumb when it comes to gardens. The harder I try, the faster they die. Seriously, plants and I are not friends. So while I was reading this article in the WSJ (Home section, not the scary part), written by the enviable Marian McEvoy, I thought maybe if my tools of the trade improved, so would my gardening skills.

Or, I'll have the best planters on the block and a pile of dead ferns. Whose placing bets?

Stylish Gardening Gear

Monday, March 26, 2012

Map lust + Pretty love = prettymaps

I have a thing for maps. And an even bigger thing for pretty maps. Like these by Aaron Straup Cope on 20x200 (I also have a thing for fantasize about living in a big white airy loft with framed pieces stacked floor to ceiling, which this site doesn't help). I love that prettymaps merge utilitarian city outlines with the awe seeing city lights from a distance. I can't even pick a favorite.

San Francisco Bay Area

Los Angeles

New York City


Dallas/Fort Worth






Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thanks Washingtonian.com!

Washingtonian.com not only launched an awesome new site today, they included a round up of local blogger's picks for spring, Moi included! 

My tip: Big Trays! Everywhere. The brighter the better.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Braking for Yard Sales...and Puppies.

Check off one entire weekend spent sitting outside in the 80-degree March (?!?) sun. Global warming is surely going to kill all of us.  But if I'm going to die a bizarre death, let's be realistic, it's going to be from a stack of magazines burying me alive.

Which is just about how I found this great feature on Good Morning Ameria's host Lara Spencer's upcoming book, I Brake for Yard Sales. Being a devotee of Matt Lauer (Ann, when you stop pretending this new gig is working for you, I will reinstate my fan-ship), I never watch GMA and would have completely missed this. Instead, I've already pre-ordered my copy. Read the full article for Lara's practical tips on market finds.
Lara is my new flea market idol. I had two red ikea side tables in my first apartment that I thought were the most to die for coffee table in the world at the ripe age of 23 years old. Bar officially raised.

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

I love how Lara's use of symmetry in everything balances out the bright colors and fabrics.

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

Lucite chair = To die for flea market find

Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

I am incapable of finding the exact perfect headboard from the 1 zillion options available online. Perhaps this calls for making my own. Inspired by the lines and trim on Lara's.
Photo Credit: Michael McNamara

All Image Source: redbookmag.com (Photo Credit: Michael McNamara) via Abby on Pinterest