Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Touch of Blue Bedroom

I have a love/hate relationship with the color blue, so it never ends up in my house. But the cool color pallete in this bedroom come across so rich, it might just push me into my very own blue period.

Here's some relatively inexpensive sources to make it your very own

Pillow: Z Gallerie
Dresser: Walmart


  1. what?! I can't believe that dresser is from Walmart!! That is too nice. I will have to check out my Walmart asap.

  2. These bedroom furniture look great. I would love to have a room that looks like that. It's very simple yet elegant.

  3. I love color blue as well. The design of the bedroom is very enticing. I would love to have a room designed just like that.

  4. The color combination fits on the furniture you used in your bedroom. This designed was great example of simplicity but elegant.

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  5. If I were to renovate my own room, I would love to have it done this way. It's minimalist yet very elegant.

  6. That lampshade is perfect for my bedroom! Especially the color of it will blend well in my bedroom.

  7. I never thought a bedroom with a blue theme would look good. The style is unique, and it gives a relaxing feeling.