Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Life in iPhone photos

Do you ever have the feeling that if you were to die suddenly, all your friends and family would have to do is scroll through your camera roll and they'd have an instant feed of your thoughts in the last weeks of your life.

Me too, and people would probably think I'm some kind of style schizophrenic because it would go something like this:

The city of Chicago has the highest percentage of alcohol-quote boards in the entire country. 
Which is why I should live there.

"Learn to bake bread" has been mocking me from it's place on my life-to-do list for the last 3 years.
But my bread would look so cool in this. 

This adorableness stares at me every morning as I get ready. It's amazing I leave the house at all. 
Also, he has more friends on facebook than me. 

Sometimes when I'm reading magazine on the go (or at Barnes&Noble) I snap pictures of things I love to remember them. $13 for a customized luggage tag, people. Go buy in bulk from Esty here.

I so badly wanted to take this sideboard home, gussy it up and have a cocktail party with it. 

I have not so fleeting fantasies of roadtrip vacations in vintage airstreams just like this one.
How did this end up in my camera roll?

I had to put my phone in stealth mode to snap a picture of a table set up that made me want to head straight to the Willard Hotel for tea.

This was my happy hour view last week. I need more friends with boats in my life. 
Applications currently being accepted.

I swear I just saw these in a JCrew ad. Why didn't I buy them at the flea market?

Spotted on my trip to Boston last weekend. 
My intense, undying love for blue and white stripes keeps getting my hispter application denied.

This would look so fabulous in just about any single room you could imagine. Snatched up by a woman wearing a scrunchie who was ahead of me. Where's a gang of hipsters when you need them?

We should teach this in schools. The new Bare Essentials ad campaign that I snapped while reading a magazine chocked full of models. But then I read this NY Times article about how all the models were chosen for this ad campaign through a personality questionnaire, sight unseen.


  1. You lead the most interesting life!

  2. Shoot, if I died, my life would seem way less interesting.

    P.s. I'm so on board with the baking bread this winter! I did it once when I was 8 and have always wanted to do it again. Let's get on it!

  3. These cracked me up - I'm glad I'm not the only one with a crazy camera roll!

  4. You want to leave your friends with some form of memories of you. I have tons of pictures of my dog because I knew when she is gone I will want to remember her.

    -Zane of ontario honey