Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shop Crush: Note Made In China

Every so often I have fleeting dreams of being the girl that eats all homegrown-organic-all vegan meals who has glowing skin and time for hot yoga every morning. But the reality is that I like cheeseburgers just a little to much to give it all up for that. So instead I try to buy handmade and local products whenever I can. Usually while in route to Good Stuff. Yesterday, I stumbled on the Not Made In China shop and not only are they all hand crafted, they're some incredibly awesome goods. Buy handmade and eat cheeseburgers. That's my new life motto.
A group of lists for those of us that heart lists

Upcycled greeting cards are a unique departure from Hallmark. This one from near my home town is a fav.

BTW: Do y'all know about this yet?
If Groupon and Etsy had a baby it would be this daily deal of handmade goods at discounted prices

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