Friday, April 1, 2011

Real Life Office Inspiration: Type A Events

Friend and growing business mogul, Jennifer, came to me with a design challenge for her two quickly growing event businesses. (** Insert Abby jumping up and down clapping and screaming, because this chica is INSPIRATIONAL to every creative entrepreneur!!**) As the owner of Minnesota based, Festivities and Type A Events, Jennifer creates special events and corporate meetings with a growing trail of awards and accolades following behind her.

The Challenge: Combine the front office and reception area for both businesses with enough polish for the corporate clients but incorporating plenty of style for a special events side.

The Inspiration: Jennifer was drawn to the idea of using a silver based wallpaper as the basis.

The Goods: Silver wallpaper combined with polished neutrals and a few accessories unites the looks for both sets of clients.

Left: Astek, Right: Graham & Brown

Left: Graham & Brown, Right: Marimekko

Left: Astek, Right: Hygge & West

Left:Graham & Brown, Right: Graham & Brown

Left: York, Right: Target (yes, as in Tar-jay)

And one just for fun: Target Birdcage
The Inspiration Board:
Type A Event Offices

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  1. I'm always blow away by Jennifer's work.

    -Zane of ontario honey