Monday, April 25, 2011

Ready, Set....Craft??

Remember when I said this was happening all over the country. Well, it's happening now, so get yourself ready. But, it's not your wedding, so go low budget with the decor and save your pennies for a fabulous hat (or more champagne). I've been dying to try the paper flower tutorials I've seen fly around the blogosphere. They seem easy enough even for a non-craft whiz like me.

From 100 Layer Cake. This one requires tissue paper and a stapler and looks better than half the decorations I see at real weddings. No one says money buys taste, people.
All things Martha always turn out to be more complicated than you think. Flashback to the great homemade ravioli kitchen disaster of 2009. But folding and cutting can't be all that bad, right Martha? And these hanging from your ceiling will be worth your trouble.

The rumors are flying about favors being overrated. But if I can take it home and eat it, I consider it still a valuable addition to the party. Itty, bitty picture frames, you can disappear from the earth completely. This pie in a jar tutorial from Paiges of Style seems almost an easy as buying one.

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  1. It'a a shame you didn't link to the video of you telling the story of the great homemade pasta debacle. For your devotees, here it is:

    You're welcome! Oh, and thanks again for decorating my Christmas tree when I was in a cast. I owe you.