Monday, April 18, 2011

Hitting the Nail on the Head(board)

Twice last week I spotted nail trim headboards that I couldn't get off my mind. Maybe it's life telling me to finally check off 'pick out headboard' from last year's to-do list. Somehow they are my decision weakness and I can never commit. Bold! Too Bold? Traditional! Too Traditional? I'm in search of a good dream analyzer who can give me the lowdown on what this mean for me.

I'm leaning towards a DIY project with a go bold or go home approach. Life motto's should make for good headboards too, right?

Top Image: Horchow Bolero Collection
Bottom Image: Coastal Living via Elements of Style

Headboard, Fabric, Trim


  1. definitely go bold. I'm making a headboard out of an old mantle. now the decisions are - how much old paint to scrap off, or do we take it all off and do an even coat of new paint, and what color. AAAA!!

    Miss you Abby! hope you're doing well!
    haha, my word verification is "prebead" which is funny as I'm taking a break before stringing a necklace!

  2. A good headboard makes a room look amazing. Trust me on this. Get a nice headboard. I thought I didn't need one Abby but my mom got me one and my room looks way nicer.