Friday, April 29, 2011

Official Royal Favorite!

Pippa stole the show in this Sarah Burton form fitter. Hands-down favorite for me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

...Quite Contrary

London based, Etsy shop, Quite Contrary is probably at home clipping away right now in anticipation for tomorrow's festivities. What would you drop in the card box at the royal wedding? Who needs another tea set anyway? I want my inbox stuffed with these.

A sweet gift for first time home buyers to see their new address
Yum, cake.
This is all me.
What?!? thank you. So sorry whoever you are, Dave.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ready, Set....Craft??

Remember when I said this was happening all over the country. Well, it's happening now, so get yourself ready. But, it's not your wedding, so go low budget with the decor and save your pennies for a fabulous hat (or more champagne). I've been dying to try the paper flower tutorials I've seen fly around the blogosphere. They seem easy enough even for a non-craft whiz like me.

From 100 Layer Cake. This one requires tissue paper and a stapler and looks better than half the decorations I see at real weddings. No one says money buys taste, people.
All things Martha always turn out to be more complicated than you think. Flashback to the great homemade ravioli kitchen disaster of 2009. But folding and cutting can't be all that bad, right Martha? And these hanging from your ceiling will be worth your trouble.

The rumors are flying about favors being overrated. But if I can take it home and eat it, I consider it still a valuable addition to the party. Itty, bitty picture frames, you can disappear from the earth completely. This pie in a jar tutorial from Paiges of Style seems almost an easy as buying one.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Save the Earth: Help the Arts

If you're taking the time out of your day to read blogs, or blog yourself it's a pretty safe assumption that the creative arts has been a force in your life. We didn't all ended up here together by happenstance. Each of us had our artistic passion spurred along the way by a class, camp or teacher that gave us a blank canvas and told us to create what we loved. Twenty years later, we all created blogs. If they had only known...

Since today is Earth Day, we're all focused on consuming less and recycling more. That something less than you haven't consumed today, can be put towards helping a child be impacted by the arts in the same way you have been. Even $5 or $10 goes a long way.

A very worthy DC Arts organization is seeking donations to send kids to Theater Camp. And my very talented friend, Julia Smith, is helping them. Click here to read more.

Here's a little more about The Theater Lab in DC:

The Theatre Lab is committed to transforming lives through theatre education. We are the largest and most comprehensive theatre education program in Washington, DC, providing both the artistic and real-life benefits of quality theatre education to more than 1,400 youth and adults each year.

Our Summer Camps for Kids

Our Summer Acting Camps for Kids, for children ages 5–13, are taught by the area’s best professional theatre artists and educators. Camp activities are designed to spark children’s imagination, build their self-confidence and stretch their skills—all in a fun and friendly environment. From exploring African and Eastern theatre traditions to diving into Shakespeare and putting it all together in a public performance, it’s an experience that a child will never forget.

Click here to Donate.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday Tabletop: Bunting and Beautiful

Sometimes it's what's beyond the table that counts. Earlier this week I bookmarked this wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes with photography by (once like a spark) Photography and I think I've gone back to look at it again every single day since. I cannot get over the homespun,totally cool accents of this (goat farm, yes!) wedding dinner.

I know everyone picks two wedding colors to make their theme. Like it's your introductory statement of yourself as a bride. "Hi, I'm black and coral in June." Which is all fine and dandy, but this wedding threw that box out the window and just used them all. And it totally works! Check out the full post with the gorgeous photos here. (Coolest guest book ever, btw).

Old school bunting is a standout at this wedding, turning this farm into a fĂȘte. And the options have come SUCH a long way since the party store days of icky shiny plastic. Etsy's stock overfloweth with pretty options.
Left : Right

Left : Right

I'm stalking the FedEx guy like a crazy-boyband-fan today because I'm expecting a deliver of this little gem any time now:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Kind of Country

When super human speed travel becomes the norm (with a robotic maid while we're at it), I will jet back and form from a city day life to a quiet country existence. Because my life may be in the city, but my heart will always be out in the country. And my country will look exactly like this spread for the April issue of House & Home. Adorable exterior, loads of hydrangeas, and glossy white everything.

White slip covered furniture means your country dirt is wash and wear on your furniture.
Can we stop and talk about this dining table for a minute. The epitome of country chic.
Sitting in this tub would make everything else in the world disappear.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Essentials: On my list

On my list this spring are some basics (at basic $$) and my newest obsession watercolor floral prints dipped in some bright colors.

Spring Essentials

Eliza J wrap dress
$138 -

Floral tank
$60 -

DKNY military coat
$98 -

Gap jacket
$80 -

Victoria s Secret military jacket
$80 -

Gap jacket
$70 -

White House Black Market low rise jeans
$50 -

Ann Taylor LOFT floral print skirt
$69 -

Gap jeans
$60 -

Destructed White Skinny Jean
$25 -

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hitting the Nail on the Head(board)

Twice last week I spotted nail trim headboards that I couldn't get off my mind. Maybe it's life telling me to finally check off 'pick out headboard' from last year's to-do list. Somehow they are my decision weakness and I can never commit. Bold! Too Bold? Traditional! Too Traditional? I'm in search of a good dream analyzer who can give me the lowdown on what this mean for me.

I'm leaning towards a DIY project with a go bold or go home approach. Life motto's should make for good headboards too, right?

Top Image: Horchow Bolero Collection
Bottom Image: Coastal Living via Elements of Style

Headboard, Fabric, Trim

Friday, April 15, 2011

Watercolor Love

I love that you can get lost in this.

Kate Spade Tumblr >>via>> Inside the Loop >>via>> Sketch 42

See, Friday Tabletop after all.
Dishes: Available Here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Tabletop: Sloop Betty - A round from the locals

So in all actuality, I had something completely different in store for today but a link in Daily Candy caught my eye this morning and 20 minutes of clicking around later, here we are. It quite possibly might be a Thursday and Friday tabletop week, this week. We'll see. I love being the executive in charge of making not-at-all-important decisions.

Anyways, back to the drinking. Eat local/Drink local...not just a passing fad. Eastern Shore based, Blackwater Distilling, (first in the state of MD since prohibition) recently launched Sloop Betty. This pretty faced pinup is also backed by a commitment to use local ingredients and pursue organic certification. Still a little rare in DC, check here to find it.
I loved that their recently launched website gives some great drink recipes with party-perfect names for your next signature cocktail:

Whose ready for happy hour?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hello My Name Is:

I'm loving these name tag cards at a friend's recent engagement party that combined friends and family from 2 coasts. Names and interesting tidbits gave conversation starters beyond talking about the perfect California weather.