Friday, March 11, 2011

A final word on color coded bookcases

Thanks to a lovely reader who sent this over to me after reading about the great bookshelf debate of 2011. There are too many things I love about this video to list. But one of them is when all the books get turned pages out for an all white look. Which I've also done, much to the dismay of anyone trying to find a book on my shelf. But did it ever look awesome for that 1 day before I had to change it back.


  1. Be still my beating heart! Ah - love it.

    I choose to believe my books are visually as cool as those books...they just move very slowly, so to the untrained eye they just look like sloppy piles on my bookshelf, radiator, counter, and floor. Just remember the next time you visit - it's not a mess, it's a stylistic statement!

    (Now if only someone could help with the piles of magazines!)

  2. What a fun video!