Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Defining Me

Recently for a couple of projects, I made a few personal inspiration boards. Culling down thousands of images into those few inspirational clips that add up to you is harder than it seems. Like staring at 37 shades of grey paint and wondering which one will be perfect on your wall. So, I took the opposite approach. If I wanted it to feel like me, it had to be instinctual. No over-thinking required. And every time I look at them, I wouldn't change a thing. After a couple of requests, I decided to share:

A note on sources: my no-thinking, instinctual plan did not make for good source saving, my apologies. If you are looking for a source for one of the images, please contact me and I'll try to track it down.


  1. Love, love it! I think my favorite is still that orange door. I'm not an orange girl, but somehow that tangerine pulls and my core - brilliant! I got to get the hell out of my safety zone and get me into some orange rooms! That white and yellow tiled bathroom may be my new dream though. So many stylistic choices! Come on over and decorate my life whenever!

  2. Love all of your inspiration boards. "Shine your light"