Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Once reserved for the pigtail and jelly-shoe variety, Polka Dots are no longer relegated to the 10 and under age category. And if it ever decides to thaw out on the east coast, I'm going to infuse some polka dot influences this spring. Even though I feel like I'm cheating on my steady boyfriend-Stripes.

But Michelle Obama's not sitting around waiting for tulips to pop up. She was already rocking the dots this morning on the Today Show. Set your own trends and marry the leader of the free world. Words to live by. Just try to find a pair of yellow pumps in stores this week now, I dare you.


  1. dying over that red and white dress :) great round-up!! xoxo

  2. Inside Edition is reporting Mrs Obama's polka dot dress cost $35.00 and is available at H&M, in a sleeveless style.

  3. Love how she wears the polka dots with style.