Monday, February 21, 2011

The New Talbots?

I use to roll my eyes and endlessly complain every time my mother would walk me into Talbots and hold up an endless array of sweaters she thought would look adorable and overly age appropriate on me. Whatever age I've happened to be over the years, I've always counted their wares as a store for those 10+ years above that age. So, yesterday when one of my most stylish friends posted a status update about loving everything she saw at Talbots, I was a little unnerved. Then this little ad pop'd up on the side of my screen and I thought "Oh, cute jacket..Loft? JCrew?......OMG, Talbots." Either I'm on a slow decent to mom jeans and mock turtlenecks, or Talbots is revamping their image. Dear god, save me if it's not the later.

Inspired by JCrew's look book style?

Any of these jackets/shirts could make a nice little home in my spring wardrobe.


  1. I "discovered" Talbots this summer! I'm totally on board. And don't worry, they have cute stuff now. We're not getting old. :)

  2. Talbots? Be still my heart!
    Love always

  3. I think they're totally ripping off J.Crew, but so are Lands' End, LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, et al. :) At least there are more choices and price points these days. And it looks good; I'm not knocking it!

  4. I agree, Tommy. Everyone looks a bit like J.Crew these days.

  5. I thought the same thing! I thought maybe I was getting old. It's good to know that Talbot's did actually up their game!