Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Barn Crawln'

Sorry for the technical difficulties this morning. Probably entirely due to the third glass of champagne at the Oscars gala last night. But its worth the wait because I'm super excited to show you some great shots from this weekend. On Saturday, I traded in bar crawls for a Barn Crawl in the beautiful countryside on the outskirts of DC. Barnsales (think pop up antique/flea market in a barn) are a new discover to me, but I'm instantly addicted. Check before you go because they're only open selected weekends/times. It just so happened that this weekend, local area barns teamed up to all open for the same weekend. And thus a barn crawlin' we went.

First stop: The Barn Show
Fashioned in a cool looking horse barn (lucky for me no horses) they had a mix of old an new
A daily reminder you are fabulous

I basically got on the floor and hugged this chest goodbye because I was so devastated to leave it behind. Someone please buy it and invite me over for playdates.
Chalkboard mirror are a barn sale staple I discovered.
This vintage highchair was in such good condition and just needed a fresh coat of paint. No pooh bear here.
Stockin' up
This vintage postcard holder would make a fantastic picture display

Next up was Chartreuse & Co. which is actually a collection of 3 barns all on the same property. I could basically die and go to heaven and heaven would look exactly like this.
The first 2 barns are salvaged and not-refinished pieces for AMAZING prices. I saw chairs for $7, old doors for $12. All need work, but great finds. The largest barn is a combination of refurbished pieces and new pieces.
This old typewriter was in nearly mint condition and oh so, so cool.
I loved the detailed backs on this set of chairs. Sadly, they were already in someone else's sold pile.
This secretary haunts my dreams with its amazingness. Priced under $100, I'm kicking myself for not scooping it up. I would swap out those red pulls for some brushed gold and stock it to the brim with fantastic stationary.
Nobs and pull and hooks galore.
A great find for the budding starlet in your life.
Re-purposed into some fabulous picture holders these reminded me of elementary school math gear.
My new life motto:
Almost as cool as the green chest at the last barn, these individual baskets would be storage saviors in a loft.
My backup motto: For all the times I'm trying to justify 12 teacups to myself.
I found this fabulous fur wrap for such a good price it would have been a crime not to take it home with me. The matching hat is going to be transformed into something else, because I look like a ridiculous Russian school marm in it. My lovely fur made it's grand debut last night at the Oscar's many smashing compliments. Mostly from myself to myself in the mirror.
This is the party hat I would want to wear when I'm 80.
I also couldn't resist this beautiful gravy boat (cue secondary life motto) in a fairly rare pattern (Queens' Solid Green). I'm going to start piecing together a set for myself from ebay.
A big thanks to Nathalie for taking all these great shots as I ran from one pretty thing to the next yelling "Omg, over here. come take pictures over here"


  1. I basically love everything in this post. Who knew barns held so much treasure! I'm definitely going to have to stow away next time - got to pick up that microphone!

  2. You're very welcome. I will gladly be your photog any day, especially for treasure hunts like this!

  3. Katie and I were just talking about these barn sales. Let me know when you go again, we're so in.

  4. I gasped when you said that secretary was under $100!! Oh My! What wonderful treasures.

  5. I am in love with the green cushions for the chairs.

    -Zane of ontario honey