Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I heart me some Furbish trays

Did ya'll read the first issue of HighGloss yesterday? I loved, loved, loved the feature on Jamie Meares home and her shop, Furbish (interviewed by another fav, Erin). My favorite image in the whole issue was Jamie's bathroom with a big monogram on the shower curtain and an awesome print rug on the floor. With personal style to envy, Furbish is an extension of all that coolness. I was just in North Carolina and contemplated a quick road trip to visit the Raleigh based shop, but time didn't allow. Next time, I'm not entering the state without heading straight there first.

I'm coveting every single one of these custom trays. Super affordable (and limited in quantity), get your online orders in while they are still around.

Bright Check ($15....for serious. Buy one for everyone you know)

I think this pattern is already sold out :(

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  1. These trays are uber cute! Of course, my favorite pattern would be sold out. Oh well!