Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Head over Heels for matchbook

My week last week was spent running through airports and driving through snowy blizzards, so I was a little behind in my online shelter magazine reading. Forgive me if I'm completely behind the bandwagon on this one, but when I finally sat down and ready the first issue of the long awaited matchbook yesterday, I was too giddy and smitten with it not to post my love.

The latest in a string of shelter and lifestyle magazines to hit cyberspace, as I was flipping my digital pages I felt like I was reading Domino for the first time all over again. Smart, smart, smart these girls are; and I fell completely into each article. When Lonny first debuted and started on online trend, I was a little deer in the headlights. Think of me like that Today Show clip from 1994 where Katie Couric is trying to explain how the internet worked to mass morning viewers. But if my grandmother can conquer facebook, I can certainly navigate an online magazine. Here are some of my favorite articles from matchbook:

The article on Mr. Boddington's Studio made me want to chuck my day job out the window build a letterpress studio in my basement.

Whitney Pozgay trolls her favorite Brooklyn coffee shop and shares sketches from her upcoming line (She's Kate Spade's niece...family tree jackpot).

I love that they started out with an entire spread on classic closet basics. Trends can be saved for issue two. My favorite: the LL Bean boat tote that my lovely mother just sent me with one of their new modern looking monograms.

As if I wasn't having Domino flashbacks already, the fantastic article with Rita Konig sent me digging through my meticulously cataloged set of old issues.

matchbook, I heart you. Maybe I'll save you on a little flashdrive and tuck you in next to the Domino's for safe keeping.

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  1. L.L. Bean totes are beautiful, strong, and chic, as are you. Thank you for today's blog mention.