Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Tabletop: Beyond the Basics

Having a cupboard full of white dishes is like have a closet full of the perfect black pants. Crucial to your sanity, but they trend towards the oh-so-boring without a little flair. This year I'm resolving to mix without matching with wild abandon when it comes to my tableware and these Anthropologie dinnerware sets are going to be just the flair I need:


  1. My stepmom has the zinnias, we used them for christmas dinner. They're beautiful and mix well with other florals. I love your website, just what I need for inspiration for our new home!

    see you at MTH in Charlotte!

  2. What a fantastic Christmas table idea! I would love to mix the Verdant with some really old ivory bone china with deep crimson red flowers from my grandmother.

    Charlotte here we come!

  3. I love the designs in both the plates and the dishes.