Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Tabletop: Affairs of the State

Yesterday's State Dinner for China has DC all aflutter like we just got a bunch of celebrities drunk and laughed at RDJ's jokes all night. A much more serious affair, but still a dinner party with all the trimmings. There were a few table schemes for the night, but my favorite was the gold and smoky gray with pink accents. You can't see them in this image, but the chair were all lucite with colored cushion to match the table lines and add a hint of modernness.

Washington Post did a nice recap in the printed Style section today. Yes, print, remember that? My favorite was the diagrams of the seating arrangements showing which celebrities got to make small talk with world leaders. BD Wong hit the seating jackpot at the President's table. Fingers crossed he did his best Father-of-the-bride/Howard Weinstein impression for Michelle Obama.

Incase you're so inclined to host a little modern version of the state dinner for your friends this weekend, here are some inexpensive resources: charger, stemware, linens, flatware

And a little "WH" carpet round up, just for kick. At first I though I hated Michelle's dress, but I think I actually just hated the wrap she had with it. The pattern is kind of growing on me.

Designer Maya Lin and Daniel Wolf

Henry Kissinger and his wife Nancy who looks stunning in my opinion

All photos: Washington Post


  1. do you think dear old henry has to hop on a stool to kiss his wife?

  2. Ah, how I love our glam state affairs. I know I should be all frugal-y and recession-aware, but I can't bring myself to disapprove of the flower arrangements and fabulous people.

    And I would give my eye teeth for a seat at that table...and then promptly go mute as I can't imagine what I could possibly discuss with any of those people. Am I the only one who finds important people paralyzingly intimidating??

  3. Michelle Obama is such a stunner. I'm so glad that syle has found its way back to the White House.

  4. It's my dream to see her on the streets of DC. Too bad she doesn't often stroll the streets of DC.

  5. I really liked Michelle's dress. Did anyone else think that Anna Wintour look a little too casual? Omg, did I just question Anna Wintour's style?

  6. I never realized how tall Nancy was.

    -Zane of ontario honey