Friday, January 14, 2011

LA Destination: House of Honey

When a dear friend recently departed our nation's capitol for the warmer design terrain of the California, I immediately started making lists of all the fabulous shopping destinations I wanted to hit on my next visit. South Pasadena based House of Honey just shot straight to the top of my post-it. Designer Tamara Kaye-Honey has a showroom and portfolio that infuses vintage cool to her modern west coast, already-cool, vibe.

Tamara boldly goes where many of us only dream of going with bright color and pattern. And makes it look perfectly sophisticated and pulled together instead of like you're living in a CB2 catalog. Her portfolio contains dozens of images of private residences worth drooling over:

I'll start my morning here every day, yes please.
Those not fortunate enough to have friends couches to invade in LA, can still get the vintage loveliness from the online shopping section of the House of Honey website. Fair warning: if you fall hard for awesome chairs, you might just want to stash your wallet in the freezer before browsing the site.

Don't say I didn't warn you.
And a great little quote from House of Honey's website rationalizing my deep seeded desire to drive a U-haul to my neighborhood flea market every weekend.

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  1. That store looks lethally dangerous - wait for me until you go! I got to get on board that ship!!

  2. I love the blue tint in the sofa chairs.

    -Zane of ontario honey