Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cakes and Ruffles: Maggie Austin

I'm a girl who likes her magazines, period. So when this month's Town & Country came wrapped up with a bonus T&C Weddings issue, it was like a double fudge sundae dropped right through my mail slot. Topped off by these sugary confections from Maggie Austin Cake. Wedding cakes are usually the bottom of my lust list. Often too over the top for me and seemingly never as tasty as you hope, this light ruffly confection stopped me in my tracks.

Based right here in D.C., this former dancer has taken the graceful lightness of a pirouette and transformed that into a 2 tier masterpiece. Launching her business just last summer, her website shows an impressive portfolio. This Unveiled article talks about her transformation from ballerina to baker.

Pearls, ruffles...cake. Yes.

I'll marry myself Sue-Sylvester style just for an excuse to celebrate with this beauty.

No one could stuff this stunning creation in your face on your big day. Maggie's stained glass designs also come in beautiful little (not cheap, but beautiful) cookies. A little Cakes and Ruffles inspiration board for an feminine, but not fru-fru event.


  1. Im not big on weddings, but I am big on eating wedding cakes or any cake for that matter. These cakes are unlike any I have ever seen. Its so hard to think about eating it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm sure all those gorgeous ruffly layers just melt right in your mouth when you eat them.

  3. Glad you are the mood board, I especially love that ruffly cake, it's gorgeous!

  4. These are amazing. I especially like the asymetrical one with the pearls! Who says cakes need to be symetrical?

  5. These are awesome - I think i'd be totally stressed out though if i had that off center one at my wedding. I'd feel like i was inviting it to fall. Sign me up for the tiffany lamp!

  6. You know I've never been to a wedding so I've never been able to try wedding cake. I feel like I'm missing out.

    -Zane of ontario honey