Monday, October 4, 2010

Iman Home Fabrics for Calico Corners

Supermodel, cosmetics mogul, Mother Teresa of charity work, rockstar wife. Yes, this is obviously my future life plan too. Iman is seriously increasing the cool factor of Calico Corners with her new home fabric line. Vibrant patterns with a sophisticated color pallet make me want to reupholster everything in my house.

Iman Home Fabrics


  1. Bowie's house must be pretty rad.

  2. Iman has already told David Bowie that there will be a lot of redecorating in their future! And with Calico's "Buy More, Save More" event from October 9-23, anyone can decorate more affordably.

    Many of the prints in the Iman Home collection feature embroidered details to give them more dimension and visual interest--including the Java Moon ikat pattern and the Punjab Peacock pattern shown here. These fabrics are quite special--and worth seeing in person. Happy decorating!

  3. I love the pattern with the blue flowers the best. If you can call them flowers?

    -Zane of ontario honey

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