Thursday, October 14, 2010

Designer Love: Sheila Bridges

Elle Decor released their list of top women to watch in the design world with the November issue and one of my long time favorites is on the list. Sheila Bridges' work is so infused with soul that it makes her high end designs feel impossibly warm, layered and cozy.

This quote from an interview with New York Social Diary speaks to me about a sometimes irrational push I feel to always go bigger and better. She found balance in her life by taking a step back (cue irrational worker bee syndrome) and bringing her office back into her home: "I’ve never had any desire to have a bigger and bigger life, to have a bigger and bigger firm. I’ve always been particular about the kind of work I’ve done and there have been other things that I’ve wanted to do under the umbrella of design."

I am still in love with this kitchen featured in O at Home ages ago

Sheila's den at home, which she had painted with quotes from some of her favorite book.