Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reading Nooks and Books

These daybeds featured in House and Home this month make me want to stop everything I'm doing, curl up and read for an entire afternoon. Rustic and cozy this is the perfect place to stretch out for long hours buried in the pages.

Not helped by the fact that I'm completely engrossed in my current book club selection. I'm in deep for this one. Cancel plans, put off responsibilities, don't answer my phone because I'm reading--kind of deep. Yesterday, I referenced one of the characters to the woman at the Deli as if I actually knew her.

Reading nooks have few basic requirements and the rest guilty design pleasure. Required: cozy seating, pillows for book propping, lighting, and of course...a place to set your drink.

Some reading inspired nooks:

Reading Nook Chic
If you're not in a book club, you should join one. Or better yet, start one and invite your friends and their friends. I have some good tips for getting one off the ground if you need them.

I'm in a book club with some of most hilarious, talented, interesting women I know and it brings ridiculous amounts of happiness to my life. Yoga relaxation x 5 in one evening. We're currently reading One Day by David Nicholls. Go pick up your copy, and then clear the next 3 days out of your schedule.


  1. I second the obsession with One Day, book clubbing and reading nooks. Basically, I second this entire post.

  2. Great post. I have added this book to the list for my one-person book club. What are some of your other favorites?

  3. Tommy, I also really like The Pillars of the Earth and it's sequel World Without End by Ken Follet. It will increase your appreciation the architecture before the modern area and you won't want to put it down.

  4. Agreed, agreed. I'll add one to your list: The Thirteenth Tale. This story about the life of a fictional famous author includes wonderful descriptions of the separate world reading can put you in and the comforts associated with telling and hearing stories.

  5. Going off of Ann's comment, I third this post! (that's allowed, right?)

    Also, I miss my oversized comfy chair. I need to figure out how to squeeze an oversized chair into my studio apartment. Oh, and also, where to find an oversized chair for under $50.

  6. You make me want to start a book club. I'm glad the book club your in brings you happiness.