Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Nate Day!

This lucky blogger is up bright and early this morning and headed off to the Big Apple for a very exciting day. NateDay has finally arrived and I'm thrilled to be participating. Bloggers will converge on The Nate Berkus Show studios this afternoon to pay homage to our favorite adorably cute designer, turned Oprah prodigy, turned show host.

Follow all the updates today on Twitter: #NateDay


  1. Happy Nate Day!! Went on his website and love, love, love these dresses: http://www.thenateshow.com/tipsandtools/detail/find-a-fabulous-frock

    The article is about making dresses or something, so didn't so much read that, but the dresses are so pretty - i would like to buy. I'm the kind of DIY girl with out the "Y".

    p.s. Love Nate and he's such a cutie, but the photo of him on the webpage looks slightly maniacal.

  2. I have watched every episode so far, and I love it! I can't wait for the blogger edition. :) And I'm still loving the book. Thanks again!