Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tunics, Boutiques and Blogs

If a string of uber-chic boutiques, piles of brightly colored tunics and a growing pile of fashion awards isn't enough to keep her busy...Tory Burch blogs! And not just with a check out our blog link on her website that lists a measly roundup of her latest goods and press releases. She actually blogs (or at least someone in her empire does). And it's pretty darn entertaining too.

Check out the latest Guide to a Stylish Fall, by Lonny's own Michelle Adams. She even gives a shout out to Mackinaw Island, a gem destination from my home state.

A personal favorite is the Tory Entertains section, because even if she is the chair of social gala of the year....she still considers clam bakes and taco nights her favorite way to get together with friends.


  1. i have been deeply in love with the tory burch holland satchel for longer than i'd care to admit. i hope she blogs some bloody coupons.