Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Serenity Now...and some pretty pictures

A small glimpse into my mental state this week with some big deadlines looming over my head. And BTW...what happened to the lazy days of summer? Is there an age limit on those I wasn't aware of? I blame global warming.

This week I'm doing a lot of deep breathing and
I go back and forth between this...

and this...

And so I calm myself down with some pretty, pretty pictures to sooth my nerves. Like imagining myself waking up here...

Hard to be stressed with an entryway this pretty, huh

I want to have tea here with a whole morning ahead of me, unscheduled.

and a drink here (possibly in that same morning)

And then get dressed here...

And end the day with this...

I'm pretty sure my new visualization therapy will be catching on across the country soon.

Image Credits: (Top 2:?who knows?, Domino, Lonny, Elle Decor, and the last 3 are from Canadian House & Home)


  1. I tacked a sign to my door last night reminding myself to do one (1) thing today. Trying to do everything results in doing nothing…and panic attacks.

    Or….as said in “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights – “You have two options: You can hid under the bed and do nothing, or you can work through the knots.”

    I choose the knots…but only if they come with a sailor and a gin gimlet.

  2. You're funny. :) Have a good week.

  3. maybe minus the sheep near the bar though? that could result in some pretty strange drunken nights.

  4. maybe minus the sheep in the bar area? that could result in some pretty strange drunken debauchery.