Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kevin Sharkey's Housewarming Party Ideas

Kevin Sharkey is the Editorial Director of Decorating for Martha Stewart Living, and the best friend of Martha's daughter, Alexis...so it's only fitting that he would throw himself one fantastic housewarming party to christen his newly renovated pad. I had every single page and picture of the spread in this months magazine dog-eared and written on for future party inspiration. The details were that spot on.

A fancy and inexpensive way to gussy up your bathroom or entryway for a party: Just add lipstick

Guests played old school ping pong with monogrammed paddles

This is going to be my birthday cake this year. Completely fitting for my Oreo obsession.

I'm hoping this is the gift table...

Kevin Sharkey and Alexis Stewart next to the "bar"


  1. I just love him! He had the whole martha team help out with the party so of course it was fabulous! Do you read his blog? he posts daily and it's awesome, I can't get enough of him. He talks a bit about the party and why all those hermes boxes are in the shower (they normally live elsewhere but had to be moved for party stuff that was brought in).

  2. Now, THAT is a party. And a ton of Hermes.

  3. What a beautiful and elegant party-my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail...

  4. wow...that cookie hill is really cute..lovely party

  5. Oh my goodness - He set up his dining room table as a ping pong table and had monogrammed paddles made:

    (That's party dedication right there.)

    And keeping score on the mirror is such a fun idea!

  6. Pretty pleasing ideas! And certainly obsessed with the cake idea. White and teal green d├ęcor at my sister in law's bridal shower was lovely. One of the graceful event venues was booked online. Mexican and Mediterranean food was ordered with her favorite desserts. Will also arrange a lovely house party before her wedding.