Monday, August 2, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray: Kids Party Blog

In the cut-throat world of 1st grade, it's the birthday party that makes or break you. That's why I'm loving this delightful new blog, Hip Hip Hooray, for their completely do-able events (as in without a Martha-size back up team at your disposal), and inspiring finds all centered around the littlest of partiers.

One of my favorites is an adorable Jurassic Dig themed birthday party.
Party supplies as take home gifts: These reusable lunch sacks will be the talk of the lunch table. See the super-simple tutorial on how to make them here.

Little diggers on their expedition


  1. SO cool! I don't have kids, and when (if) I do have them, this looks like lots of fun. Great write-up, too!

  2. Can you also require all the children to wear those adorable Kakis and mini-Birkenstocks?

  3. The Lunch Dig In bags are so sweet.

  4. This is a great idea. And its not too expensive. Last year, I organized a kids party for a friend and they were giving away Snazaroo Paint Kits as door prizes. It was fun but this year Im thinking of giving more unique door prizes.

  5. This is a very cute idea! Where did you get your birthday party supplies?