Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Night Get Together

I've had this game night party inspiration image forever--maybe from Martha Stewart, I don't really know, that's how long it's been. Last night some friends came over to help do up a game night right. They brought their fierce competitive skills...and I supplied the scrabble letters. Here are some of the details:

Boxes of stacked up vintage board games held the welcome next to the door.

Drinks included Black Cherry soda in bottles, spiked lemonade and spiked milkshakes for dessert (though my scrabble set seems to be missing any traces of the letter 'k')

This was not for the lighthearted. Even our popcorn buckets said 'bring it'

And vintage game boards served as decoration to hold our other party essential: junk food


  1. Where are the photos of our vintage Palm Beach/Life game??? Our game night was awesome and will definitely be repeated soon!

  2. For all of you who are wondering if this Game Night (decor and fearsome competition) was as awesome as it a witness I can confirm, it so was.

    And no, I don't just think that because I had too many spiked milkshakes.

  3. Awesome!! And is that a Bath & Body Works candle?

  4. The popcorn buckets are hardcore. Love them.