Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Kevin Sharkey's Housewarming Party Ideas

Kevin Sharkey is the Editorial Director of Decorating for Martha Stewart Living, and the best friend of Martha's daughter, Alexis...so it's only fitting that he would throw himself one fantastic housewarming party to christen his newly renovated pad. I had every single page and picture of the spread in this months magazine dog-eared and written on for future party inspiration. The details were that spot on.

A fancy and inexpensive way to gussy up your bathroom or entryway for a party: Just add lipstick

Guests played old school ping pong with monogrammed paddles

This is going to be my birthday cake this year. Completely fitting for my Oreo obsession.

I'm hoping this is the gift table...

Kevin Sharkey and Alexis Stewart next to the "bar"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tunics, Boutiques and Blogs

If a string of uber-chic boutiques, piles of brightly colored tunics and a growing pile of fashion awards isn't enough to keep her busy...Tory Burch blogs! And not just with a check out our blog link on her website that lists a measly roundup of her latest goods and press releases. She actually blogs (or at least someone in her empire does). And it's pretty darn entertaining too.

Check out the latest Guide to a Stylish Fall, by Lonny's own Michelle Adams. She even gives a shout out to Mackinaw Island, a gem destination from my home state.

A personal favorite is the Tory Entertains section, because even if she is the chair of social gala of the year....she still considers clam bakes and taco nights her favorite way to get together with friends.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Night Get Together

I've had this game night party inspiration image forever--maybe from Martha Stewart, I don't really know, that's how long it's been. Last night some friends came over to help do up a game night right. They brought their fierce competitive skills...and I supplied the scrabble letters. Here are some of the details:

Boxes of stacked up vintage board games held the welcome next to the door.

Drinks included Black Cherry soda in bottles, spiked lemonade and spiked milkshakes for dessert (though my scrabble set seems to be missing any traces of the letter 'k')

This was not for the lighthearted. Even our popcorn buckets said 'bring it'

And vintage game boards served as decoration to hold our other party essential: junk food

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Semigloss Chic on HGTV blog!

A big thank you to Jenna at the HGTV Design Happens Blog for including Semigloss Chic in a round up about faux-fixtures in design!

(Photo Credit: Design Sponge via HGTV Design Happens blog)

Friday, August 13, 2010

L-O-V-E: The Love List Home Tour

Catching up on some of my favorite reads after a very busy week and my mouse stopped dead in it's roller-ball tracks for the interior shots posted by Jess over at The Love List (also of the crazy-talented Front Porch Studio variety). I'm dying over all the insanely stylish details in her home. An it's a rental to boot. A reminder that life is in the details. Read the full post here.

I spend way to much thought power trying to coordinate my pillows. So much that I ultimately end up with none because I can't decide. Note to self to stop and just buy what I love- like the colorful combination here.
I just spent more time than I'm willing to own up to zooming in to read all these lovely little notes tacked on the inspiration board.

Reposted with the kind permission of Jess. Photo Credit: The Love List.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Anti-Pooh: Modern Nursery Inpiration

There must be something in the water because this is a baby-bonanza summer.

Including one lovely reader whose is just days, minutes, seconds away from welcoming her first little baby girl. Her nursery was inspired by a Liberty of London floral fabric pattern from Target. It turned out adorably with not one hint of anything character-y (Why, people! Your baby doesn't care. Make it nice for yourself in the beginning). So I put together a fun nursery inspired by a Serena & Lilly crib sheet in blues and orangy-red adding in some pops of green and brown.

The furniture is from Ikea and very inexpensive. And the more adult pieces can be enjoyed while she's young and moved to other places in the house when she becomes more mobile (sharp edges!). This room springs ($$$) for an old fashioned doll house, because it's never too early to start em' young with good design, right.

Converse Crib Shoe, $34
Dollhouse Miniatures - Queen Anne Dollhouse Shell Kit with Component..., $549
Faceted Foxed Mirror Side Table | west elm, $199
Walton Hall Mirror - Bed Bath & Beyond, $180
Mid Century Modern Rocker Rocking Chair Matt White - eBay (item...
Swag Style Tangier Blue Shade Plug-In Chandelier | LampsPlus.com, $130
IKEA | Baby | Cribs | SOMNAT | Crib, $100
Thomas Paul Goldfish Linen Pillow - Mandarin, $94
Jan Constantine Cushions, Cushions & Throws | Graham and Green Home..., 69 GBP
DwellStudio | Nursery Bedding - Baby Bedding - Dots Chocolate - Fitted..., $36
Pier 1 Imports - Beach Shelf Baskets, $10
Shop Designer Crib Sheets for Baby Nursery | Serena & Lily
PoshLiving - Seaside Starfish Pillow - Product Images
Heal's | Keep Calm & Carry On Green Print In White Frame > Abstract..., 60 GBP
Rocking Horse
Elton the Octopus Good Karma Rope Dog and Cat Toy (Dog Toys)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Hop, Skip, and a $1 Stool

I may have missed my chance with the cabinet of my dreams, but there was one good find at the flea market. I picked this little beauty up for the mind blowing price of $1. Yes, as in 100 pennies....as in that Starbucks in your hand cost 5 of these...$1. I loved the curved shape of the legs, but the rest did not exactly make my heart skip.

I sanded down the handles and stained them a deep chocolaty brown to hide some of the imperfections. Then I stripped the whole thing down and tried to clean and polish up the brass, which I quickly discovered was just yellow painted metal. I'm still considering a quick shot of brassy-spray paint to cover what I couldn't clean.
The seat was pretty gross when I stripped the covering off and looked like it had been through a torrential downpour or 2. New foam and covering was definitely going to be needed if I didn't want to think if killer mold every time I looked at it. I debated on the fabric for the seat and ultimately a bold animal print won out because I loved it and...hey, it's my stool so why shouldn't I love it. Plus, it's easy to swap out if I one day hate it.
A hop, skip, and an hour later, this is what I had.
$1 stool + $10 in material + 1 hour wimpy labor =my new entryway stool

Missed Connections. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Saturday: 8:15 am
Orange Line

I saw you at the flea market, from all the way across the parking garage. You were with someone else. I waited for you, I came back for you, but ultimately I let you go. And now you haunt my dreams like a Sara Mclachlan animal rescue commercial.

I should have tried to make things work. I should have put you first. I let other things get in the way. Retirement savings, floor space. I'm sorry. I was wrong. It's not you. It's me.

I hope that you found someone who loved you. Appreciated what they had in you. Covered you in...Cloud Cover

And let a...Gentle Breeze...run through you

And trimmed you up with a little silver sparkle (from here).

Don't you hate it when you're still thinking about it 3 days later?

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Internal Dilema of the Kindle

I lust after the Kindle and often try to rationalize my deep down need for one. I travel a lot. If only I didn't have to lug War & Peace around maybe I would read it. It takes me a solid week to get myself to the book store to even buy my next book club read every month. You would think the way my Blackberry is crazy glued to my palm, I would have jumped on the Kindle ages ago, but I always end up at the same conclusion. Some things just don't need a technology upgrade.

What happens to all the books?? How can I justify having whole walls of bookshelves with no books? I love the way they smell. The way they feel in your hands when you flip the pages. The notes you write to yourself in the margins and laugh at later. What about digging through piles in old bookstores and pulling out a dusty old gem with a beautiful inscription written in the cover? Piles of old discarded Kindles? I don't think so.

But to all of you with the cool Kindles, I hope you have them in equally fantastic covers. I'll be at the library if you need me.

Oh look, I can rationalize my need for a scooter while pulling out my Kindle, perfect.

Even DVF loves the Kindle with a little zebra print

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Serenity Now...and some pretty pictures

A small glimpse into my mental state this week with some big deadlines looming over my head. And BTW...what happened to the lazy days of summer? Is there an age limit on those I wasn't aware of? I blame global warming.

This week I'm doing a lot of deep breathing and
I go back and forth between this...

and this...

And so I calm myself down with some pretty, pretty pictures to sooth my nerves. Like imagining myself waking up here...

Hard to be stressed with an entryway this pretty, huh

I want to have tea here with a whole morning ahead of me, unscheduled.

and a drink here (possibly in that same morning)

And then get dressed here...

And end the day with this...

I'm pretty sure my new visualization therapy will be catching on across the country soon.

Image Credits: (Top 2:?who knows?, Domino, Lonny, Elle Decor, and the last 3 are from Canadian House & Home)