Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Walkin' the Walk

Cold hard reality set in this morning. And by cold and hard, I mean a record breaking, sweltering heat wave and the first day back to normal after a long weekend at the beach. I want it all to just go away and leave me alone for 1 more day. My heart is still seaside this morning.
Luckily I had the new House Beautiful for some morning reading when I returned. I always pour over the details of "Small Space" spreads, trying to figure out where people store their actual stuff. Is the deodorant behind that little cubby door? It endlessly intrigues me.

I'm a city dweller, so no stranger to the realities of real estate, but I'm also a city dweller with enough space to breathe in and a yard. And I count my blessings for it every single day.

I loved the space featured in this issue. 390 square feet and beautifully lived in by designer David Kaihoi, his wife and their daughter. Yes, that's three-nine-zero and three people.

And they still have room for a library ladder. I'm clearly doing something wrong.

This bedroom makes me want to run out and buy primary colored things to mix in with girly formal prints so my bedroom could look this cool. But honesty....HONESTLY, could you live with 3 people in this space? Any form of yes I try to come up with is clearly a total lie. And, I'm no child rearing expert, but don't those little ones come with a lot of gear? Where is all that? I'm in awe.

But I might just throw all my worldly possessions out the window to live in a little room if it had this beautiful mod-podged wallpaper.

This small closet puts my small closet to S.H.A.M.E. Red lacquer makes me weak in the knees.

Pass the Aloe.


  1. I saw this too...and thought the same thing! Honestly, you know the stylist just pushed all the ugly crap out of the frame of the shot! I need to believe this...

  2. I saw some of these pictures the other day and wondered the same thing about all the toys and child "stuff". Maybe they're sort of minimalist?

  3. I think we all need to believe that!