Thursday, July 8, 2010

T&D Wedding Inspiration

Yes, I shamelessly read trashy gossip magazines whenever I get my hands on them because I can't bring myself to buy them. So I'm sometimes 2-4 weeks behind in all my celebrity gossip.

I fell head over heels hard in love with this cake when I saw it. I think it's the cake equivalent of painting 1 wall in a really cool black color.

Turns out it was the cake for celebs Tori & Dean's vow renewal (which I also shamelessly watch on demand while cleaning). It also turns out the event was full of some amazing details that didn't translate to tv. Kiss the Groom featured these pictures of the highlights:

This was a detail that I caught when the show air and loved. It's an old fashioned type writer that was set up at a desk (with ghost chair to boot) in front of a wall of family pictures for guests to type out little love notes to the happy couple.

That concludes my report of outdated celebrity gossip news.

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  1. This does look like a classy event, which is a nice departure for most celebrity doings.