Thursday, June 10, 2010


Look at me, I'm a published expert! You maybe should take this as a warning to be leery when you hear the word "expert."

A really big thanks to and the fabulous writer, Julie Kraut (make sure to check out her witty and hilarious blog), for quoting me in two pieces this week.

Get Your Home Office in Order


Mommy Organizers and Calendars

Full disclosure: A mommy I may not be, but I felt like scheduling my life around Roxy and Boston's walk schedules counted enough for this to be legit.

So, what's the secret to my stellar organizational skills? Trays, Trays, Trays! They routinely save my life by making me look more organized than I actually am, and help me find things quickly when I need them. And yes, an antique tray pulled out of a flea market box looks so much better on my desk than a plastic standard inbox.

Here are a few of my favorites from the world's greatest flea market, Ebay:

Vintage Beer Tray: I use one as my key/mail drop station

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