Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fabric Patterns I'm Loving

I guess all that wishing on lucky stars finally came through-because last month magazines started arriving at my house totally out of the blue and unexpectedly. What, that's not what you spend your wishes on?

Luxe Magazine is one hefty piece of design wishfulness to come through your mail slot. Do you get this? I had never heard of it. Overall, it's a lot of shiny, glossy pictures (guess they knew how to find me, huh), but in general lacks some of the creativeness and personality of some of my favorite reads. Everything just looked a little too Done with a capital-D.

But they did have these 2 patterns that I'm completely in love with right now. I think the top is such a fresh, modern interpretation of the essence of the Ikats that we all love. And the stamped design (and bright bold red) on the bottom will forever heart worthy in my book.

Continue on magazine fairies...what can you bring me next?

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