Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doryn Wallach Designs

Striking that mysterious balance between lived-in-cozy-chic and which-Pottery-Barn-catalog-page-did-you-rip-off can be a tough. Doryn Wallach (a la Extreme Makeover-Home Edition) manages to infuse rooms with layers of texture and interesting objects, but still make you feel like you could kick back in the chair and spread your newspaper all over the room.

But what struck me most while looking through her portfolio were her bathroom. "So cool" I kept repeating in my head. Then I realized there was a formula:

Patterned wallpaper + non standard vanity + interesting mirror = Not your same boring bathroom.

Subtle or bold pattern, the formula still seems to hold true.

Here is my version of this foolproof approach:

1) Birds & Butterflies + Chalkstripe Vanity + Emma Mirror = Whimsically Chic

2) Imperial Trellis + Wall hung vanity + D'orsay Mirror = Modern Cool

3) Zebra +Kathryn Console +Winslow Mirror = Casually Bold Glamour


  1. Awesome post!! I love that trellis pattern and the green color as well as that large sink with the julep cup/flowers combo.

  2. The minors in these bathrooms are beyond amazing. I wish I had some of these minors in my bathroom.