Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crackberry Detox by force

I don't know if addict is the right word. I think that strong admiration would be a better fit to describe my relationship with my Blackberry. But some of my friends beg to differ.

Earlier this month when Lucky arrived in the mail, I ripped out this page as a Must-Have-Wish-List item. Look down there in the corner:

It's a key chain alarm that connect wirelessly to your phone and sounds an alarm anytime you're too far away from it. As in-she's getting the shakes, someone quick get her a Blackberry.

They mocked me, but that lucky charm would have come in handy today when my phone is sitting squarely on my kitchen counter at home.

Don't worry I'm holding up just ok. Instead, I'm swapping one admiration for another and just drinking copious amounts of Starbucks to sooth my nerves!

Side note: I do have to admit that I've seen Droids that can kick my sweet little Blackberries ass in coolness-but anything with any kind of advanced graphics just never moves fast enough for me when I'm moving at warp speed through my day (which is pretty much everyday). So Crackberry it is for now.


  1. Too funny. I'm glad you're back to blogging more often.

  2. This amuses me to no end. I'm glad Nath was there for you via e-mail to ease the withdrawal. How sad is the state of the world that we feel totally cut off if we are without our phone for just a day. Even I am uncomfortable with a phone-free day and I'm the anti-technology maven!