Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do dreams really come true?

Could it be true?

All our collective wishing on lucky stars has finally paid off?

Domino Archives are back online!

Brides.com has acquired the rights to the archives and is making them available online. Brides.com? I'm not asking questions, but...huh?

A few are up now, with more to come. Despite my frantic downloading before the Domino site went down, I know I didn't get all the images I loved. True story: when I moved, I strapped my complete collection of Domino's into the front seat of the car and hand carried them into the new house. No, not my china, not my dogs. My Dominos.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Dollars or Pennies: Mirrored Steal!

Montego Mirror from Ballard Design: $99
(for 1...you tricky marketers)

Montego Mirror scored at my local Goodwill
during a quick trip on my lunch hour: $15
Feeling like a deal-scoring bad ass: Priceless

And yes, I very much contemplated buying those 2 big rolls of bamboo-looking mat for $10 each and if I can think of even a hint of possible justification that I might be able to use them, I'll be back tomorrow to pick them up.

Backyard Campy

D.C. has become Dante's Inferno this week with some record-breaking-don't-even-think-about-blow-drying-your-hair-ungodly heat (Snowmageden's Revenge?). Leaving all of us grasping for ways to soak up the summer days, while not completely wilting. As a lucky city-dweller with a yard, I want to do nothing more today than sit in the shade and sip cold drinks. And I'm inspired by a backyard that's a little campy and a little chic to remind me of the endless Midwestern summers of my childhood.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Home Rules Giveway Winner!

Ooops! I just realized that my post from last week with the winners of the giveaway never got posted. My bad. Congrats to our two winners who get to thumbs through their very own copies of Nate's book, Home Rules, any time they want to stare and this adorable face. Happy reading!

A little somthin' extra: Timeless Paper

I was cruisin' around Etsy this morning, one of my go-to sites for party inspiration and resources and came across their recent featured seller, Timeless Paper. I love the look of these fresh and simple place cards and menus. Just a little something extra to take your table up a notch, in that effortless "I set my table like this everyday" kind of way.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doryn Wallach Designs

Striking that mysterious balance between lived-in-cozy-chic and which-Pottery-Barn-catalog-page-did-you-rip-off can be a tough. Doryn Wallach (a la Extreme Makeover-Home Edition) manages to infuse rooms with layers of texture and interesting objects, but still make you feel like you could kick back in the chair and spread your newspaper all over the room.

But what struck me most while looking through her portfolio were her bathroom. "So cool" I kept repeating in my head. Then I realized there was a formula:

Patterned wallpaper + non standard vanity + interesting mirror = Not your same boring bathroom.

Subtle or bold pattern, the formula still seems to hold true.

Here is my version of this foolproof approach:

1) Birds & Butterflies + Chalkstripe Vanity + Emma Mirror = Whimsically Chic

2) Imperial Trellis + Wall hung vanity + D'orsay Mirror = Modern Cool

3) Zebra +Kathryn Console +Winslow Mirror = Casually Bold Glamour

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy NateDay: Home Rules Giveaway!

If bloggers banded together, we could rule the world. Or, at least create a lot of fake holidays to honor our design idols. And without further adieu...HAPPY NATE BERKUS DAY!

The ladies over at Moggit and CreateGirl have dubbed today as the official holiday of all things super-cool-Nate in honor of his new upcoming TV show
The Nate Berkus show, airing September 13th (no you can't program you Tivo now-I already tried).

When Oprah introduces you to the world, you really need no further introduction, so here are my top 3 favorite Nate interiors:

1) Inky blue glossy walls, stripes and a hodge-podge of art. I belong here. (Elle Decor, March 2010)

2) Sleek workstation with a HUGE inspiration board to boot. Whose Emmy is that in the corner anyways? (Pulled from the idea folders, too excited to note the source, apparently)

3) A forever favorite and classic. Katie Lee (x-Joel's) amazing kitchen with those windows to die for. (Domino)


You can't have a holiday without presents! So for the first ever NateDay it's time for the first ever giveaway here at Semigloss Chic! Today I'll be giving away not just 1....but 2 copies of Nate's book, Home Rules. You too can stare at this adorable face on your coffee table everyday.

How do you win?: Just leave a comment and at the end of the day 2 winners will be selected at random. Good Luck!

Top photo credit: Chicago Magazine

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thanks SheKnows.com!

Look at me, I'm a published expert! You maybe should take this as a warning to be leery when you hear the word "expert."

A really big thanks to SheKnows.com and the fabulous writer, Julie Kraut (make sure to check out her witty and hilarious blog), for quoting me in two pieces this week.

Get Your Home Office in Order


Mommy Organizers and Calendars

Full disclosure: A mommy I may not be, but I felt like scheduling my life around Roxy and Boston's walk schedules counted enough for this to be legit.

So, what's the secret to my stellar organizational skills? Trays, Trays, Trays! They routinely save my life by making me look more organized than I actually am, and help me find things quickly when I need them. And yes, an antique tray pulled out of a flea market box looks so much better on my desk than a plastic standard inbox.

Here are a few of my favorites from the world's greatest flea market, Ebay:

Vintage Beer Tray: I use one as my key/mail drop station