Friday, May 14, 2010

Street Style: Closet Clean-out Edition

This weekend, I'm tackling the unabashed and unforgiving clean out of the 8 square feet that seem to rule my life. I am not a pack-rat by any means, but when it comes to clothing, I tend to keep things long past their prime just because they still fit and I *might* wear it one day. And my all time M.O. is to move things between piles, "give away", "keep", "alter", until they make no sense and I just hang the items back up.

But NOPE, not this time. I have 2 handy resources that are going to keep me in line. 1) A just as unabashed and unforgiving friend who will tell me straight up that no matter how much I love that shirt from the 90's, I would look a ridiculous mess in it now and 2) A big poster board with all kinds of style inspiration to keep me moving forward.

(Some of the images have no sources, as I didn't initially intend them for the blogosphere, sorry. If you recognize one, send me the name and I'll happily post it.Two sources I went back to often for inspiration were Vanessa Jackman's super cool blog and Lucky Magazine's Style Spotter)

Kate Spade

Go International for Target

Chicago Home and Garden

Apparently, I have a slightly unhealthy admiration for Ann Hatchway's style. I guess there are worse things-like my unhealthy admiration for happy hour and Oreos.


  1. I kind of envy you the purge weekend. I've done many and find them very liberating. I sort of go in stages. I begin with the half $##@% purge and then move on to the somewhat ruthless purge and then finally, THE BIG UGLY TAKE NO PRISONERS PURGE! That last one always feels like I lost weight (though sadly that's not the case). Unloading crap you don't need feels so good. And I always remind myself I'm helping out some stylish chic who will pick it up in a thrift store and rock it with her own style on her own budget. Good luck.

  2. I can't get over how pretty the models are.

    -Zane of ontario honey