Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dollars or Pennies: Stealing Jenna Lyons Office Style

How anyone is not slightly obsessed with J.Crew FairyGodmother, Jenna Lyons, is a bit beyond me. Seriously, could you look that good wearing all denim...I don't think so. With a flutter of media appearances lately (ahem, Oprah), it seems like her fanatics are growing. Including one of my own, Lucky Magazine. In a stroke of luck, the two joined forces:

But who can even pay attention to what she's saying without being distracted by the stacks of luggage trunks in her office! What do you think she keeps in there????...Classified J.Crew style secrets? I want cool trunks too. So I went a' web huntin'.

Of course, I started at the source. The J.Crew Globe Trotter Trolley Case. Only a cool $1,3500. Guess not.

This little set from Walmart (sorry, Mom) might just curb my craving at only $79. Stacked up together in the corner of a bedroom or office these would make a great place to store off-season clothing or random office supplies for those who don't have extra closets.

But I still don't think that I will be trying an all denim outfit like Jenna's. I know my limits.


  1. The Walmart set is a good find, especially if you are only going to use it for decor.

  2. I want the yellow trunk. It's super nice.

    -Zane of ontario honey

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