Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to Basics: Living your way

I'm feeling a need to get back to basics. Flush out all of that extra business in life that just clutters everything up and edit down to those things I really love and just Here are some mantras that I keep repeating to myself:

1) Behind every great woman, is a fantastic desk!

2) Mixing prints makes life interesting

3) Just like a short man complex-Small spaces need BIG design to compensate

4) Know the things you will always love. For me it's contrasts of black and white

5) Twin beds DON'T have to be covered in Disney princesses

6) You can never have too many great chairs. They're like pasta-they are good mixed in with everything.

7) A few friends, some cocktail napkins, and a few little baubles makes dinner an event.
8) I need a pretty place to lay my head. Period, end of story.

9) If you love it, show it! Cabinet-smabnit

10) Who says you can't (insert wacky design idea here).

Images from top: Domino, Celerie Kemble, Domino, Amanda Nisbet, Amanda Nisbet, Elle Decor, Domino, Domino, Lonny, House and Garden, via Shelter, Martha Stewart, via Totally Tabletops, via Absolutely Beautiful Things, via A Life More Fabulous, Cottage Living, Domino, Domino, Ralph Lauren.


  1. Hey there. Somehow I missed this post a few days ago. I'm really digging everything here, especially those twin beds with the cool striped rug. Everything is so well thought-out.

  2. Thanks, Tommy! I think this post somehow got back-posted to the day I started working on it, instead of the day I posted it. Crazy blogger!

    I love those twin beds too. My twin bed was never so chic!