Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A touch of red....Or a full blown heart attack

One of the first "design rules" I can remember encountering was that every room should have a touch of red in it. So I proudly displayed my 1 red pillow (possibly furry) in my childhood room and felt very adult-like I lived in a well designed space.

Well, that time tested rule seems to hold true in a lot of interiors today as well. Just how much red is a matter of personal opinion:

For the "faint at heart"

(Sources: Miles Redd, via Material Girls, Domino, Domino, Elle Decor, via Design by Design, Domino)

"Bold but Blended"

(Source: Martha Stewart, M Interior Design found via Elements of Style, via Katy Elliot, Instyle, Domino, Domino, Domino, Domino, ???, Domino, Domino (a theme maybe??)

For those with a full-blown "Heart Attack"

(not red, I know, but still bolder than bold)

(Sources: Miles Redd, Domino, Domino, Domino, Gaelle le Boullicaut, ???)

Happy February!!


  1. Everything is better with a touch of red! xo

  2. Gracious!!! I'm head-over-heals for all of them!

  3. I have a bamboo chippendale chair in my bedroom that I painted red to add a little pop!

  4. Love these photos (except the dead wolf which is going to give me nightmares).

  5. Hey Abby, I think my living room fits into the your middle category :)
    I was really skeptical at first about the red, but I've come to really love it.


    Amy P.

  6. The stairs are really blow my mind. I love all the red in the home. It just really suits the home.

    -Zane of ontario honey