Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stir Crazy Reading: New Issue of Lonny!

It's been snowing here in D.C. for nearly 6 days straight. We're under our 2nd Blizzard warning for the weak, shoveled more snow than they have in the arctic tundra... AND...I waited in line at the grocery store for an hour+ last night because the fridge was down to the last diet coke. In a nutshell, we're sick...sick and tired of all this snow.

That's why the new Lonny issue in my inbox this morning was a bright shiny beacon of hope for something great to read during my stir crazy day.

Can I tell you how madly in love with these stripes I am. The soft contrasting grays (or gray and white, I can't tell on my screen) are neutral but still graphic. Even though they've only been in my life for the last, um...36 minutes since I saw them, I don't think I can live without them.

Go Away Snow!


  1. I seriously cannot wait to check out the new issue, and this post has me even more excited.

  2. Funny how you are always the one who enlightens me on whats new-like the new Lonny issue! Love the Louis purse in the last photo. Makes me want a Louis overnight bag.

    Tired of the snow as well. Someone stole my buildings shovel so guess whose running around the city Saturday getting a shovel. ME!

  3. Lonny has done it again. Bored me that is.

  4. The stripes would be very easy to do...just wait for the next round of snow and get to painting!

  5. How am I so behind with Lonnymag?! I am still on the first issue. Damn.