Thursday, February 11, 2010

Organizing Digital Images

It's official...6 days in my house because of the snowstorms has made me Stir-Crazy!! But on the bright side, it has given me a lot of extra time to "get around" to all those projects you think about a lot but never actually do.

Project for Today: Organizing my Digital Images

I'm sure many of your are just like me, with hundred and hundreds of digital images floating around your life, all that you would ideally like to be organized and tagged for easy searching when you're looking for specific inspiration.

My current system has been good. It consists of a series of folders saved on my hard drive (and back-up with my personal photos) that are organized by type. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Entryways, etc.

But I've encountered 2 problems: 1) I find images everywhere and am less than stellar about consistently saving them when I'm out at about (or working on other computers) and sorting them when I get home. and 2) There are A LOT of images in general and are basically just cumbersome to sort through when I'm looking for something. Search-able tags would save my life.

I came across Evernote through a random blog link somewhere and have been considering trying it out, but putting everything over to a cyber site kind of scares me (irrational, since my entire life is ruled by Gmail and Facebook-both not backed up). It's free, searchable, seems user friendly.
But I'm scccaaarrred....does anyone use this or something similar??How does everyone else keep their digital inspirations streamlined and organized?
Enlighten me people...I have a lot of time to kill today.

(Images: Decor8, Alkemie, Lindsay Harper)


  1. I have no idea! I started to put them into categories myself ( I have over 14,000 digital images, I kid you not) but it was getting confusing and I was finding too many that didn't mean basic criteria. Plus it would take all day. I need to send them all off to India to be printed and bound or something -ha!
    I want to see what everyone else has to say as well.

  2. I have stored oodles and oodles of photos on web-based sites in the past. I say "in the past" because when I originally put all my time and effort into making online albums, the sites were free.

    They are not free anymore.

    It sounds like a great idea when you find a free site but, eventually, everything that is free will be bought out by some big company and then 'the man' will charge you.

    Maybe I'm just a wee bit bitter.

  3. I'm old school...I print out my photos and tape them in a sketch book. I find it's really helpful to carry around with me to stores. Then again, there's always the risk of loosing that book, and then I don't know what I'd do! Good luck with your cabin fever! My parents are stuck out in Annapolis with wasted plane tickets to fly out here to sunny San Diego.

  4. I'm so glad you asked this, I have to do the same thing with all of mine. I will be interested to see what others have to say.

  5. Am feeling your snow pain as I live in Va and have had enough! My problem is water in our basement--to the extent that I received a ShopVac for my B-Day on Tuesday! Am going to research Evernote and try it out...but I also suggest you use a back-up service--mine is Mozy Home @ $50 bucks a year...I had a hard drive crash and, at least now, I have everything saved and never worry anyone. Best...Reba

  6. Apparently we're all in need of a good system!

    Erica-those are some of my some of my main fears with the web-based sites as well. What do you do currently?

    Steph-I print a lot of mine as well and have them on an inspiration board, but I still want to keep the digital files in case I need them again and I want to be able to easily search them when working on blog posts.

    I guess this is still a mystery!

  7. Sounds like you need a photo catologue program and then back it up on an external hardrive. Like a roladex for photos.

  8. Steph-That sounds like exactly what I that has a really good tagging feature.

    Have you worked with any??

    I'm going to do some recon.

  9. Digikam or Adobe Bridge maybe? I used to work as a magazine editor, but I don't remember what program they used. Those two looked promising.

    Love your blog, by the way!

  10. Currently, I use Picasa (which I've just started using and am still getting used to) and my blog to store photos. Basically, when I find neat ideas for crafts and inspirational designs I save them in my "blog" file on my computer and then blog them online where I tag everything with more descriptive tags. I swear, if they start charging to blog I'm going to blow a gasket! =D Oh, and everything is backed up on an external hard drive.

  11. This is a great question and evernote seems promising. Curious to see if anyone is using it and comments. I lost the great majority of my images earlier this year when the server at my office crashed. And died. Unrecoverable. THere has to be a better way!

  12. I don't know if this will be helpful... but this is what I think I like the most right now. I like photobucket b/c I dont have to take up any space on my hard drive, can save images straight from the web to your account. Also,to organize, you can drag & drop pics to diff albums, write descriptions, titles of pics, & they are searchable by tags.

    When I want actual images to put in my design inspiration binder, I use Snapfish.(only $0.09 per pic) & they will ship you your images. If you dont feel like waiting, they give you the option to pick them up at your local walgreens that day, ( but at the Walgreens price) about $0.30 per pic.

    I have pics of memories backed up on external drive just to be safe... hope this helps somewhat..