Monday, February 8, 2010

Digging Out D.C.

Have you heard??? It snowed a little bit here in Washington, D.C.
Snowmageddon, Snowpocolyes, was a lot of snow.

So while you're soaking up your sun in Miami and lounging around in LA,
We'll be here...Digging Out!
Happy Snow Day D.C.!

(Image Credit: Nathalie Rothert)


  1. You crack me up.

    I never thought I would say this, but I kinda miss the snow... don't miss shoveling or falling on the ice, but I miss the snow.

  2. Oh, Erica, we have plenty of snow to share here!

    I miss being a kid in the snow...when it only consisted of sledding and snowmen and now shoveling and trying to get to the market.

    Adult snow, is not nearly as fun!

  3. You are so right. With all the shoveling (especially 2 feet- CRAZY!) it does lose a little of it's magic, doesn't it? I'll be continuing the search for my driveway and the road today.

  4. Your snow pictures are just fab. My hands were way to cold to even snap a singular photo. Hope you have power and things are back to normal (at least till Tues)!

    Samantha @PrettyLovely

  5. Great picture. you've found a way to be chic while clearing the snow.

  6. Gurl, you are working one hot look! Yesterday, some friends and I took glasses of wine and walked up 18th Street. Right up the middle. We do what we can to survive.

  7. But, you look so cute while you're doing it!

  8. This is getting old. I've had enough.